Debian Reference Contributor's Guide


I know about the controversy surrounding the GFDL. Please do not worry: I do not like GFDL either. The dual licensing requirement is just an extra safeguard that any part of this document may be combined with any other part or with GFDL documents. I consider even the GPL to be too restrictive and prefer the newer BSD license, but I wanted the DR to include bits from the Debian FAQ which is GPLed. If there were only nice people in the world then we would not need the GPL. GFDL documentation may still be useful if it is high quality document with partial freedom to everyone while making publishing house happy.


To display these FIXME lines, edit default.ent to change the definition of FIXME from "IGNORE" to "INCLUDE".


I know some of the current contents fall into category of the work around. My point is we need to minimize this kind of contents.


If bin/doc-check is used with -w in this example, it removes listing of whitespace changes. I now do not recommend the use of -w since some white space changes may be important. I changed my mind.


In an ideal world, I should have put tag on each split :( and you all have to use TAG to manage changes. But that never happened.

Debian Reference Contributor's Guide

30 April 2005

Osamu Aoki
Jens Seidel