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Debian Reference Contributor's Guide
Chapter 4 - Recent changes

There were major changes since early days:

There were so many minor changes that it's very likely that we forgot to change minor parts of the document. Please report or fix these! AGAIN, please report everything which seems to be wrong in the english files!!!

I suggest that you use .ps or .pdf output files for proofreading. These formats causes the most problems!

The Makefile uses a new LaTeX format file with much more supported hyphenation patterns. Older versions were restricted to English, German, and French. There was no support for Polish, Spanish, Italian, Finnish. (Chinese doesn't use hyphenations.)

Nevertheless it's likely that .ps or .pdf files contain wrong hyphenations such as files- ystem (instead of file-system).

You can check all these hyhenations using $ make check-hyphen1-de (this requires the hyphen-show package).

1 stands for Debian Reference, 2 for Quick Reference. Replace "de" with your language code.

The Polish output contains 589 hyphenations, I expect that at least 5% are wrong:

     $ wc -l reference.*.hyp | sort -nr
         589 reference.pl.hyp
         337 reference.es.hyp
         306 reference.pt-br.hyp
         252 reference.fr.hyp
         205 reference.it.hyp
         191 reference.en.hyp
          91 reference.zh-tw.hyp
          49 reference.de.hyp
          25 reference.zh-cn.hyp

If you don't want to check these hyphenations again and again you can copy all valid ones to .lang./validLaTeX.hyphen. I used this for the German translation, that's the reason that reference.de.hyp is nearly empty (I'm not sure about 49 hyp.). All wrong hyphenations can be fixed according to de/LaTeXmacros.sty.

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Debian Reference Contributor's Guide

30 April 2005

Osamu Aoki osamu#at#debian.org
Jens Seidel tux-master#at#web.de