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Debian Reference Contributor's Guide
Chapter 3 - More information

3.1 Build package

     $ cd debian-reference_CVS
     ... hack and update
     $ cvs ci -m "1.05-3"
     $ cd ..
     $ cvs -d:ext:osamu@qref.cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/qref \
       export -D tomorrow -d debian-reference_1.05-3 qref
     $ cd debian-reference_1.05-3
     $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
     $ cd ..
     $ lintian -i debian-reference_1.05-3_i386,changes
     $ linda   -i debian-reference_1.05-3_i386,changes
     $ editor ~/.dupload.conf
     $ dupload debian-reference_1.05-3_i386,changes

Now I automated this by a script (example for 1.06-11):

     $ cd debian-reference_CVS
     ... hack and update (changelog's latest entry is 1.06-11)
     $ cvs ci -m "1.06-11"
     $ bin/qrefnew 11
     $ editor ~/.dupload.conf
     $ dupload debian-reference_1.06-11_i386,changes

3.2 Why can I only build in txt and html but not in ps or pdf?

Usually encoding issue. "konwert" is very useful fixing these using any/??-iso1 filter as found in bin/isofix in this tree. We need files to be ISO-8859-1. Not UTF-8. Be careful, please. Also iconv and recode can be used. One of the following will fix UTF-8 into ISO-8859-1. (See bin/isofix for convert all script)

      $ iconv -f UTF-8 -t ISO-8859-1 somefile.utf8 -o somefile.sgml
      $ konwert any/de-iso1 somefile.utf8 -o somefile.sgml
      $ recode UTF-8..ISO-8859-1 somefile.sgml

3.3 EMACS and ISO-8859-1 / UTF-8 problem.

To set language mode,

     (set-language-environment "Latin-1")

may help you in such a case. And more, writing

     -*-coding: iso-8859-1;-*-

should fix it.

Also you can force emacs to save in iso-8859-1 in making :

      C-x RET c

and then C-x C-s

You may even try to start like (Please verify success report)

      $ LANG=it_IT.ISO-8859-1 LC_CTYPE=it_IT.ISO-8859-1 emacs

3.4 VIM and UTF-8 problem.

See http://wiki.debian.org/UTF8vimE.

3.5 Translation version check.

If you use doc-copy to create starting template and translate them into any language, you can check version by doc-check. Even if you did not use doc-copy, you can still do version check as long as header (See French translation for example) are maintained in the same format.

3.6 Translation guide line

Read as much Debian web site and other translations to make sure wording are consistent with current convention.

Please do not forget to update bin/getdocdate if you add support for a new language. Also add manual page.

Tree name consists of lowercase and hyphen only without underscore.

      Good: pt-br zh-cn
      Bad: pt_BR zh_CN

3.7 How to add language specific content.

If it involves no new chapter/section/paragraph/item/ tags, just sneak in anything.

For example I think addition of: (NdT: Pour les francophones, vous trouverez de l'aide en vous abonnant la liste de discussion francophone debian-user-french-request@lists.debian.org.) is good :-)

If you need additional chapter, talk to everyone for your intent. Think twice before reorganizing chapters and sections. It will screw up translation badly. So be very careful about content addition.

If you make change to a small point, please make sure to change sources of all languages and update version tracking information, if possible.

I need to hear from readers. Please e-mail me your opinion or join as a qref.sf.net developer. See Roadmap, Section 2.11 for the action plan.

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Debian Reference Contributor's Guide

30 April 2005

Osamu Aoki osamu#at#debian.org
Jens Seidel tux-master#at#web.de